Welcome to our Blog. It is a Blog that will offer you what I call “tid bits” of useful information to help you strengthen and “stir up” your Christian marriage.

Why do I use the words “stir up” you ask? Well, because once the honeymoon phase is over we all have a tendency to settle back in our marriages where we think from here on out its all about “cruise control” until well, death do us part.

So by “stirring up” your relationship, it will help to revive it. Often time we go day to day going through the motions never realizing by making some small changes we could bring boring to scoring a grade A marriage where ordinary could never describe your relationship. It will become blissfully exciting without a trace of ho -hum.

I am here to tell you (5) major changes that will bring about a whole new outlook on your married life and also bring you closer together as husband and wife.

  1. Put God at the center of your marriage. Our heavenly father views you and your spouse as one. The most beautiful relationship in the world is one where God is at the center of it offering praise and worship to our heavenly father regularly . When we put God first place in our lives we can be sure he will bless us with a happy, healthy, loving marriage.
  2. Pray together. As husbands and wives there is a bond shared between us and when we go to prayer in our oneness we are showing our heavenly father that we cherish our unity as husbands and wives. The family that prays together REALLY DOES stays together.
  3. Read a Christian devotional together. I believe that it keeps us on track not only in our Christian walk but also in our bond as husband and wives. Its can also help to hold us accountable with the constant reminders that it can offers us.
  4. Be apart of a Bible Based Church. As Christians we need to feed our spirits regularly with Gods written word. Hearing, reading, and fellowshipping helps us in our every day lives to stay fruitful, faithful, and focused on our Christian walk together.
  5. Having a regular priority date night as husband and wife. A special night with your special loved one where the focus is on just the two of you. It’s a time to shut out everything negative and to focus on being kind and loving to one another. Making it special. Get lost in the love you have for each other.

Well there you have it. The (5) changes that can help to put your marriage relationship back on track by putting God at the center of your marriage.

Join me again when I do a new blog called Make these (3)areas count. Where I tell you about (3) major areas of a marriage relationship that should NOT be ignored.