Hello and thank you for joining me. Today I want to talk about loss and grieving. Loss comes in many forms; a loss of a relationship, a loss of a job, a loss of a loved one, a loss of a pet. Loss is an extremely difficult feeling to get through and if you are not allowing yourself to grieve over the losses in your life it will take a toll on you until you are ready to confront the loss, accept it and put in prospective so that you can move on.

The 5 Stages of Grief

At first it feels like it’s not real. It may be a shock that it even occurred. Sadness comes and goes and you feel like you’re dazed in disbelief.
2. ANGER –
Anger happens when you have come to the realization that it’s happened. You feel helpless and angry and want to know why.
Sadness leads to withdrawing from your life. This is the time that you will cry more as you allow yourself to come to grips with what’s happened. Things are more serious with you for now.
Overtime, (and everyone’s different, there is no amount of time to give someone who is grieving) the important thing is that they do grieve. The light at the end of the tunnel comes back and your are almost ready to move on, but sometimes people don’t want to forget that person, that pet, that relationship –when there were happier days.
The final stage is when you’re ready to return to your normal life. You may have tears from time to time but you’re over the hurdle of sadness. You are ready to move on. You have come through the storm. If you have God in your life you can be sure he helped to heal your broken heart and he will continue to be there with you on your journey through life.

Even after you have gone through the grieving process I tell people to come take your time with making any major decisions, at least a year. Don’t rush ahead of yourselves and do something you may regret. Take your time.

Thank you for joining me this time, I hope you will be checking back for the next blog when I challenge a certain group of people to do the right thing. God bless you and remember to; stay close to God.