Marriage Counseling

bible-marriage-therapyWhy take time to go for Marriage Counseling? Marriage counseling is often used to help revive a marriage that is already in trouble. Marriage counseling can help to get a couple back on track and provide ways to improve the communication within the marriage. Many issue in life can strain a marriage, including lack of communication. While communication and interaction between husband and wife is very important it is usually other factors that may be the cause for the communication issues.

Some issues to be considered are:

  • Lack of attraction leading to lack of intimacy
  • Disagreements within the marriage not being addressed
  • An affair
  • A feeling of not being respected
  • A feeling of not feeling secure or safe in the marriage relationship

These are just some of the issues that can put a marriage in a very vulnerable position causing conflict and feelings of insecurity within the marriage. We as counselors take an active role during counseling to show you ways to communicate with each other during difficult times, how to deal with disagreements without pointing fingers, how to make your marriage the most important union it can be. These are just some of the benefits of marriage counseling. Our goal is to help you revive your marriage and to help couples to understand that by showing love and respect for one another during difficult times is what will help the marriage through difficult times.