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The key to keeping the peace throughout the year is by showing love and kindness to your family members. This also applies to couples without children. Love and kindness, as well as always showing respect and consideration to the perspective of your partner, helps to instill a sense of unity.

What happens when couples decide to have children? You can utilize the same principle. Unity in a family requires mothers and fathers to maintain their communication with each other as well as to maintain a united front in front of the children. Teaching your children to love one another shows them that all members of the family matter. That is the key to having a happy healthy family.

When you do things as a family, that reinforces the fact that family always matters. Remember “a house divided will fall”. With love, communication, having respect and consideration for others, these things will keeps unity and peace in the family all year long.

A few suggestions on keeping family unity:

  • Work at keeping God at the center of your marriage.
  • Pray together as a couple/family.
  • Do a couple/family devotional together daily.

Another good suggestion is, at dinner time go around the dinner table and find out what everyone is thankful for. This alone will be one of the fondest memories that you all will appreciate for years to come. Ensure that everyone’s voice is heard so that everyone feels included.

Join me next time when I tell you the Four (4) Relationship Hurdles to Steer Clear Of.

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